Student Accommodation Cleaning in Derby

Want to give your new student tenants the best experience when they’re staying at your accommodation? Cleanliness is one of the primary factors that is considered when the students are moving in. A clean student accommodation is one of the most important marketing strategies that you can have.

It’s effective and makes it easy to convince any student why they should stay with you. At KDR Cleaning, we know it’s not easy to keep everything spick and span. That’s why we offer student accommodation cleaning service so you don’t have to do it.

How Our Cleaning Services Can Help You

We understand that different student accommodation units have different needs and requirements. That’s why we offer a variety of different services that cover every aspect of cleaning in your unit.

With our unique and comprehensive services, you get to enjoy;

  • Full property cleans
  • Carpet Cleans
  • Deep cleans in the kitchen
  • Cleaning and sanitising bathrooms
  • Internal window cleaning
  • Cleaning communal entrances, stairways and corridors

We have a strict checking process that guarantees no pain areas are left uncleaned. We are fast but thorough with our cleaning services, guaranteeing the best services in the shortest time.

The Best Student Accommodation Cleaning in Derby

Why Choose Our Cleaning Service?

You have probably tried a few other student cleaning services in the past. The fact that you’re here means they probably didn’t do a good job. What makes us different from other student accommodation cleaners?

  • Thorough cleaning – when it comes to cleaning, we don’t hold back. We are aggressive, thorough and meticulous. We go through the surfaces, the sides and any nook and cranny we can find. Whether it’s a one-time job or recurrent, you’re guaranteed of the best results with our student accommodation cleaning team.
  • Friendly cleaning team - we are all about creating a conducive environment for your tenants. Our friendly team of cleaners is easy going and friendly which ensure you not only get a clean unit but, happy tenants as well.
  • Quality Assurance – we know how important to get everything right the first time. Our team of cleaners will not only provide thorough cleaning services but, we also have a rigorous cleaning service that checks all the areas that need cleaning have been done properly. We want to provide you and your tenants with the best cleaning results in the shortest time possible so we get out of your way.

An option of using environmentally friendly cleaning products is also available. Contact KDR Cleaning Services for more details.