School and College Cleaning in Leicester

We understand bacteria and germs can spread very quickly from student to student and to staff, making them ill which can affect their health, their ability to perform at their best and their attendance.  The impact of working in an unclean environment, full of bacteria and germs costs students and staff to miss their valuable teaching and learning opportunities.  This is why we take pride in keeping the learning environment clean, to minimise the spread of germs and to maximise teaching and learning in clean sanitised environment. We take pride in our cleaning ensuring clean and hygienic environment for you to work in so you can carry on doing what you do best.

To make sure you enjoy the best of our services we have to offer, we provide:

  • Tailored cleaning programmes to meet the needs of your school
  • A team of highly trained, professional and friendly cleaners
  • Prompt reply to questions and feedback
  • Regular audit checks
  • Monitoring of time and attendance for all team members
  • DBS checks

An option of using environmentally friendly cleaning products is also available. Contact KDR Cleaning Services for more details.