High Level Cleaning in Leicester

High-level cleaning is not for the faint-hearted and no one understands that better than us at KDR Cleaning. It requires highly qualified cleaning teams and substantial investment in state of the art equipment.

The same factors that make this type of service so complex is the same ones that make us so good at what we do. With our team of experienced high-level cleaning experts and the best and modern cleaning and climbing equipment, we provide our clients with exceptionally high cleaning results that are unbeatable.

Our methods of cleaning includes:

  • Scissor lifts – these have a reach of up to 35m allowing us to reach windows, roofs and balconies that need cleaning safely
  • Rope access Cleaning – using this technique, we reach those hard to reach areas of the facility. The rope gives us the freedom to abseil and comfortably clean just about any part
  • Mobile scaffolding – for areas that require reach and stability, we use mobile scaffolding. It is a free-standing and mobile platform that we easily move around the property to reach all the areas that need cleaning.
  • One man lift platform – this option has a reach of about 10m and works perfectly when the area is both high and tight. With our one man lift platform, we can reach just about any tight spot in the property.
  • Cherry picker – the cherry picker has up to 50M of reach. Depending on the cleaning assignment at hand, the hydraulic lift system can have a bucket or a platform at the end to facilitate the cleaning.
  • Vehicle-mounted aerial lift – we normally use this on the highway or roads but can also be used in isolated high-level cleaning applications.

In addition to the different methods we use for high-level cleaning, we also have a variety of equipment that we use to clean those high reach areas. These include:

  • Jet washers
  • Long reach poles
  • Atex vacuums
  • Water feed brush
  • Wet and dry vacuum
  • Backpack vacuum

Why Choose KDR Cleaning?

  • We offer customised services suited to your requirements
  • We care about our employees and make sure they have all the necessary safety gear when completing high-level cleaning jobs
  • We are always willing to work around your schedule and cause the least possible disturbance to your operations
  • We follow the most recent, health and safety policies and procedures for both our employees and our clients
  • Simple, hassle-free scheduling of our services

An option of using environmentally friendly cleaning products is also available. Contact KDR Cleaning Services for more details.