We are a family run cleaning company with years of cleaning experience.  At KDR Cleaning Services we provide high-quality cleaning services to various sectors across the region.

We understand that cleaning can be a time consuming and boring activity.  All of our staff work for us because they either enjoy cleaning or find it a therapeutic activity, so you know you are getting only the best from us.

Our vision at KDR cleaning is very simple, we want to provide high-quality cleaning services to our clients based on their or their company’s needs, no matter how small or big their cleaning plan is.

Our simple yet effective model means that we are constantly reflecting on our services which we provide, and strive to give our clients the best cleaning experience.

At KDR Cleaning services we provide:

  1. Individual company cleaning specification for your requirement.
  2. Hard working and reliable cleaning staff
  3. Fully dedicated support team for all your enquires